All patients deserve access to the right testing & treatment at the right time

From Testing to Targeted Treatment Program (FT3) is a non-profit multi-stakeholder collaborative program that aims to unify, accelerate and build on existing efforts to make precision medicine a reality for all patients who could benefit from it. Co-led by patients, FT3 is strongly focused on patient needs and experiences.

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A resource for all stakeholders in the Precision Medicine space to learn more about Precision Medicine, what it is, its history and application in real-life, including patient experiences and stories.

Program highlights

From global to local (and back again): Updates and Learnings from Our Country Pilot Program

    We are excited to share some progress and insights from our Country Pilot Program, which continues to foster collaboration among local stakeholders across Spain, Hungary, and just recently in the Philippines and Japan. Each project aims to explore scalable practices, gather vital learnings, and encourage peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing in improving access to personalized medicine at the local level and globally, across different health system archetypes.


    New tool for HCPs aims to decode complex results in precision oncology

      At the crux of patient-centered care is effective and meaningful communication between the relevant healthcare professional and the patient. This is especially crucial in the area of personalized healthcare. A distinct shift has taken place, moving away from the paternalistic model of medicine to a new approach of shared decision-making regarding treatment regimes that are truly tailored to the patient. One example of highly individualized care is precision medicine (PM) and communicating the complex genomics of test results and their implications is widely acknowledged as a significant challenge for HCPs and patients (read the latest FT3 publication to dig deeper into the challenges around provider-patient communications in PM here).

      Now published

      Our latest literature review dives into best practices and hurdles in communication between patients and providers regarding biomarker testing in precision oncology.

      About us

      Our motivation

      All patients deserve access to the right testing & treatment at the right time. While Precision Medicine (PM) can transform lives, its potential benefits have not yet been fully realized.

      Our ambition

      Our goal is to improve access to precision medicine for all patients who could benefit from it, by generating better evidence, creating awareness and building the conditions for better access, starting with testing and cancer.

      The partnership

      We are an independent, nonprofit, global and multistakeholder consortium, building solutions with patients, for patients. Its members and community include individual patients, patient organizations, pharmaceutical & diagnostics companies, healthcare professionals and medical societies, payers, HTA bodies and regulators.

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