Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment

A community-driven guide, crafted by and for patient advocates and organizations, dedicated to empowering patients with the essential information they need when it comes to biomarker testing.

as well as instructions on how to adapt it

Multi-stakeholder collaborations provide the opportunity to harness resources and pool knowledge. In this way we will create impactful change for patients in the most efficient and timely way possible.

Andrea Ferris

President and CEO of LUNGevity Foundation

What is the Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment – adaptable resource?

It is a co-created resource to support patient advocates and patient organizations in helping patients find the right information and make informed decisions and actions at the right time when it comes to biomarker testing.

Comprehensive info about biomarker testing resources

Starting from & based on best practices so you don’t have to start from scratch

Lay language guaranteed

Adaptable format so it’s a simple & easy-to-use tool

Comprehensive info about biomarker testing resources

This resource can be used to:

Update existing biomarker testing resources, ensuring that all the crucial elements are covered

Create a new biomarker testing resource by adapting this backbone resource to the relevant country and disease. 

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Tool in action

Even when you have had an initial biopsy to diagnose your exact mutation, it is important to get more biopsies when you get progression. We have had some members where their driver has mutated into small cell, which requires a completely different treatment regime.

We also have several members who had received several tyrosine kinase inhibitors, and their ALK mutation has mutated to MET, which is resistant to these treatments.

Debra Montague

Chairman and Founder of ALK Positive UK and Chair of the Oncogene-Driven Lung Cancer Patient Alliance UK

Why was this resource created?

FT3 fosters collaborative synergy within our community, distilling insights into accessible tools through collective effort. As a community catalyst, we amplify and refine practices via inclusive collaboration, aiming to simplify access and eliminate the need to start anew. Our resource, enriched by contributions from esteemed organizations like LUNGevity and the National Cancer Institute, is a testament to communal wisdom.

These foundations, chosen for their scientific rigor and user-friendly approach, profoundly influence our community-centric ethos. We express deep gratitude for their pioneering contributions, shaping our endeavor significantly.

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