Collaborative rules of engagement for a strong & credible governance

The Program is governed by a Board, which represents members and makes the major strategic decisions for the organization.

In order to maintain a patient-centric approach and ensure financial and strategic independence of the Program, Members have decided to impose a minimum of 40 % representation from the patient community, and to cap the participation of industry at maximum 40%.

FT3’s goal is to have balanced representation across all stakeholder groups who have a role to play in Precision Medicine, and to extend the participation of patients, patient organizations, pharma, diagnostics, and healthcare professionals to also include medical societies, regulators, Payors, HTA and beyond.

Governance for inclusion and agility

Balanced inclusion of stakeholders

Beyond industry and POs


Duty of loyalty & commitment

Work for the interest of the common goal, leave individual goals at the door

Commitment to program success

Commitment to sharing resources and/or expertise