Program update – August 2022

Program update – August 2022

Taking the opportunity of World Lung Cancer Day and the World Conference on Lung Cancer, we’re pleased to share some recent updates and achievements by the FT3 community in lung cancer and beyond.

If you missed the most recent Town Hall meeting, you can access the slides here.

Please help us bring our work to the next level by sharing this update with your network, and thank you for your continued support in helping us make precision medicine a more accessible reality for patients!

Building on World Lung Cancer Day

FT3 hosted an open face-to-face session at the World Conference on Lung Cancer on August 6, where FT3 community-created tools to improve access in PM were presented to an international audience, followed by a discussion on local needs in improving access to PM. The slides from the presentation can be found here.

Lung cancer patient support and advocacy charity ALK+ UK used the Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment Adaptable Resource to develop their own resource and help their patients find the right information and make informed decisions at the right time. Discover it hereAre you interested in adapting this resource for your geography and/or other conditions? Please contact:

Having prototyped the first Country Agnostic Condition Card for colorectal cancer, a second country agnostic card for lung cancer has been developed, aiming to provide advocates with an overview of the general availability of precision medicine tests and treatments for lung cancer in order to support care level improvements and advocacy efforts. Discover it here and share your feedback with

Expanding FT3’s reach globally

In a joint session with PFMD, FT3 held an interactive session with the Alliance and Partnerships for Patient Innovation and Solutions (APPIS) on August 2. This workshop brought together over 50 patients and other stakeholders from the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, representing an important step towards increasing the Program’s visibility globally. Participants were invited to share barriers and best practices in PM in their countries. The recordings and results will be available soon on Precision Medicine Synapse.

We are continuously assessing opportunities to increase the visibility of FT3 at upcoming conferences and events. Please let us know what activities and events you have planned that we can link to, and which events/conferences you will be attending or presenting at this year.

Other Program Highlights

FT3’s first country-level pilots are getting started with intake calls in Spain and Canada. The expression of interest is open for 1-2 other countries until August 22. Champions in PM of all parts of the world are welcome to apply.

Our Library of Patient Stories in PM continues to grow with new stories in Cancer of the Unknown Primary (CUP) and Leiomyosarcoma. The aim of these stories is to capture the patient experience and learnings at the individual and collective level to support care level improvements and advocacy efforts. Access all stories here.

In collaboration with Colorectal Cancer Canada, the Precision Medicine Q&A Builder has been adapted for colorectal cancer, resulting in a series of resources in multiple languages. We would like to thank Maria and Barry for piloting this initiative. Access all adaptable resources here and read more about our collaboration with Colorectal Cancer Canada in our interview with MariaAre you interested in adapting this resource for your geography and/or other conditions? Please contact

The scoping literature review focused on provider-patient communication is currently underway. Learn more about this initiative in our latest interviews with contributing authors Navdeep Dehar from Queens University in Ontario and Erin Dickman from the Oncology Nursing Society.