Download and test the Access Barrier Cause-Effect Canvas

Helping precision medicine advocates and champions visualize the patient experience and barriers that patients and other stakeholders face in accessing Precision Medicine solutions.


What is the Access Barrier Cause-Effect Canvas?

A practical framework for Precision Medicine advocates and champions, the Access Barrier Cause-Effect Canvas can help you visualize the patient experience and barriers that patients and other stakeholders face in accessing Precision Medicine solutions.

The tool will help you not only identify barriers for each stakeholder type at each step in the patient pathway, but also the root causes, good practices and potential solutions to the barriers.

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The tool was built through a collaborative approach, drawing from good practice resources from LUNGevity, the

IQVIA Institute and National Oncology Alliance – Rare Cancers Australia.

Building on existing good practices

The tool builds on good practice resources and insights shared by a diverse multi-stakeholder group including patient advocates, industry, academics, researchers and external experts.

Simple to use

This tool is for anyone working to advance access to precision medicine(for example, patient advocates with any level of experience, healthcare professionals etc).

Suitable for all focus areas

You can use it for any type of condition, in any geography, across the patient care pathway.

How to use this tool

Download the Canvas and carefully review the structure and the examples.

Determine how you would like to use the tool – e.g. for what groups, in what conditions and geographies.

We recommend working on this Canvas collaboratively in a workshop involving different stakeholder groups, to ensure comprehensive and better quality insights and more sustainable solutions. Aim for balanced representation from the patient community, healthcare professionals, industry, payors, regulators, etc.

To be able to make Precision Medicine a reality for all patients who can benefit from it, it is critical to understand the access barriers experienced by different stakeholders at every step of the patient pathway.

A framework such as this canvas can help us collectively accelerate impact. That’s why your opinion is important!

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This tool is part of an integrated set of resources, support and network for champions of precision medicine. It will help accelerate the benefits of precision medicine by generating better evidence, creating awareness, and building the conditions for better access to targeted medicine in oncology and beyond.

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