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Educational Resources & Frameworks

Access Barrier Cause-Effect Canvas

Helping precision medicine advocates and champions visualize the patient experience and barriers that patients and other stakeholders face in accessing Precision Medicine solutions.

Educational Resources & Frameworks

Questions & Answers (Q&A) Resource Builder

A co-created tool for Precision Medicine advocates and champions, including healthcare professionals, to develop or update existing precision medicine Questions & Answers resources for patients.

Educational Resources & Frameworks

Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment

A co-created guide supporting patient advocates and patient organizations in helping patients find the right information and make informed decisions and actions at the right time.
Adaptable resources for targeted therapy (in progress)

Patient Experience and Evidence

The Precision Medicine Patient Stories Library

A repository of stories that aim to visualize each patient’s pathway according to a common framework, and highlight learnings and best practices.

Patient Experience and Evidence

Biomarker Test Report Data Education & Guidance

Identifying & sharing global best practices in biomarker test reporting & interpretation that facilitate better understanding and usage by patients & HCPs.

Advocacy Resources

Country & Condition Cards

A snapshot of the current situation of precision medicine availability in a given country and for different conditions.

Enablers of Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine Synapse

The global Precision Medicine map and network

About this Toolkit

A co-created and integrated set of resources, support and network for champions of precision medicine. It will help accelerate the benefits of precision medicine by generating better evidence, creating awareness, and building the conditions for better access to targeted medicine in oncology and beyond.

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