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Support for informed decisions about targeted therapy for cancer

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About this resource

This is a co-created resource to support patient advocates and organizations in helping patients find the right information to make informed decisions at the right time regarding targeted therapy.

Lay language information about targeted therapy

Easily adapted format with ”how to use” instructions

Co-created with patient organizations, academia, healthcare professionals and industry

Comprehensive info about biomarker testing resources

Best practices and essential information you need to know collated in one place

This resource can be tailored to a specific disease and location.

It can support you in:

Updating existing resources on targeted therapies

Creating a new targeted therapy resource for your patient population.

How was this resource created

This resource has been created by identifying the best practices and available learnings & making them replicable. Scientific credibility, patient centricity, plain language, and ease of use were the main criteria behind the best practices selection.

This resource comes from the collation of resources originally developed by:

We thank all our partners for their contribution and inspiration.

Tool Context

This resource is part of an integrated set of adaptable resources, support and network for precision medicine advocates.


It will help accelerate the benefits of precision medicine by generating better evidence, creating awareness, and building the conditions for equitable access to targeted medicine in oncology, rare diseases, and beyond.


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