What we do

Personalized and Precision Medicine can transform lives, but its potential benefits have not yet been fully realized.

Why is that? Because:
The precision medicine landscape is rapidly changing and fragmented.
Efforts to expand it are piecemeal and disconnected.
Best practices are hard to identify, and lack of standardization on national and global levels is a challenge.
Patients are often unaware that better treatments may exist, and are not able to discuss these options with their doctors.
Even where treatments are available, barriers to access may prevent that treatment from being offered to patients.
Healthcare professionals may need support in interpreting data or in making clinical decisions.

As a result, patients do not benefit from optimal treatment, with a health, societal and economic impact.

The From Testing to Targeted Treatments program (FT3) aims to respond to these challenges, through a co-creation approach, building with patients for patients.

The Goal

Accelerate the benefits of precision medicine by generating better evidence, creating awareness and building the conditions for better access to targeted medicine in oncology and beyond.

A global catalyst identifying and sharing translatable good practices & learnings

FT3 brings together diverse stakeholders and activities in precision medicine to identify shared needs, build on existing good practices and learnings and make them replicable through practical and actionable tools and resources for precision medicine champions to drive real change and impact, starting with cancer and testing.

Identify common needs & opportunities

Identify learnings and good practices, building on them & making them replicable

Where good practices don’t exist, co-create new solutions, drawing on existing knowledge

Create positive momentum & building on active community of practice to collaborate, share and test

Starting with practical resources & support for precision medicine champions to accelerate precision medicine in different contexts

Members have identified 3 key strategic pillars:

Our shared vision:

To make precision medicine an accessible reality for all patients who could benefit from it

Support data & evidence development

to demonstrate benefits of precision medicine on patient outcomes and put in place a data governance structure

Provide education and tools

to support patient empowerment and informed decision-making

Build the accessibility conditions for precision medicine

to become a reality for patients that would benefit it

These strategic pillars are being addressed by the FT3 Community of Practice.

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