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A co-created adaptable resource looking at Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment
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What is the Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment – adaptable resource?

It is a co-created resource to support patient advocates and patient organizations in helping patients find the right information and make informed decisions and actions at the right time.

Comprehensive info about biomarker testing resources

Starting from & based on best practices so you don’t have to start from scratch

Lay language guaranteed

Adaptable format so it’s a simple & easy-to-use tool

Co-created material with a representative group

This resource can be used to:

  • Update existing biomarker testing resources, ensuring that all the crucial elements are covered;
  • Create a new biomarker testing resource by adapting this backbone resource to the relevant country and disease.

Why was this resource created?

FT3 contributors collaborated in the identification of good practices and learnings with the aim of making them replicable through practical and actionable tools and resources. By doing so, FT3 acts as a catalyst of best practices: we aggregate them and build on them through multi-stakeholder collaboration, and we make them available by reducing the burden of developing a new resource.
This is the result of the aggregation of resources originally developed by LUNGevity, Lung Cancer Europe, the National Cancer Institute, and the Research Advocacy Network which emerged as good resources in terms of scientific credibility, patient centricity, plain language, and ease of use. We thank them for their good practice inspiration.

Tool Context

This resource is part of an integrated set of resources, support and network for champions of precision medicine. It will help accelerate the benefits of precision medicine by generating better evidence, creating awareness, and building the conditions for better access to targeted medicine in oncology and beyond.

People and organizations behind this tool