Meet our project team

FT3 Board

The Board leads the program, defining the long and medium-term objectives while respecting internal FT3 principles and rules. It represents the interests of members. The role of the FT3 Board member is voluntary and is not compensated for.

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Andrea Ferris

President and CEO, LUNGevity Foundation

Begoña Nafría Escalera

Patient Engagement in Research Coordinator, SJD Research Foundation

Dr. Ben Westphalen

Comprehensive Cancer Center Munich

Dr. Durhane Wong-Rieger

President, CORD

Sandra Blum

Principal Director, Global Patient Partnership, Roche

Ivica Belina

President, Koalicija udruga u zdravstvu (KUZ)

Judith Taylor

Co-Director and Secretary, Thyroid Cancer Alliance

Dr. Pooja Merchant

Head Patient Partnerships and Engagement Oncology, Bayer

Ralph Riley

Global Co-Diagnostics Market Access Leader, Janssen

Tanya Knott

Director, Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation

Barry Stein

President & CEO
Colorectal Cancer Canada

Denis Costello

Executive Director
CML Advocates Network

Lee-Anne Zinetti

Director of Global Precision Diagnostics

Susan McClure

Patient Representative

Nicole Sheahan

President, Global Colon Cancer Association

Dr. Charles Alessi

Independent Expert

James Creeden

Independent Expert

Executive Team

The Executive Committee is responsible for the supervision of the Executive Director and the day-to-day strategic management of the program. With their knowledge and know-how, the Executive Committee provides valuable support for the Executive Director in day-to-day operations and decision-making. The role of the Executive Committee member is voluntary and is not compensated for.

Andrea Ferris

President and CEO, LUNGevity Foundation

Denis Costello

Executive Director, CML Advocates Network

Sandra Blum

Global Patient Partnership Principal Director, PHC Oncology, Roche

Operational Team

The operational team ensures the day-to-day operations of FT3.

Helena Harnik
Program Executive Director, The Synergist
Nicholas Brooke

CEO, The Synergist

Nicole Wicki

Program Director, The Synergist

Quentin Clermont

COO, The Synergist

Roxana Radu

Senior Communication Manager, The Synergist

Lise Brooke

Communication Manager, The Synergist

Silvia Bornengo

Associate Program Director, The Synergist

Elizabeth Priest

Program Manager, The Synergist

Maximiliane Rauch

Program Coordinator, The Synergist

Jeremy Jamar

IT Architect, The Synergist

Danielle Barron

Chief Editor, Motherhood Projects, The Synergist

Gary Finnegan

Chief Editor, Break Dengue, The Synergist

Ify Sargeant

Scientific Editor, The Synergist

Lidewij Eva Vat

Program Director, The Synergist

Vincent Raske

Program Manager, The Synergist

Ozioma Uzodinma

Associate Program Manager, The Synergist